An illustrated guide to the component parts of the Bayonet.
For a description of the terms, go to the glossary at the bottom of the page.

      Fig. 1 -  Knife Bayonet

    Fig. 2 - British P1888 Bayonet in Leather Scabbard

    Fig. 3 - French Sword Bayonet (Hilt)

    Fig. 4 - British Artillery Sawback Sword Bayonet

British P1879 Artillery Carbine Bayonet

    Fig. 5 - British Socket Bayonet and Scabbard

     Fig. 6 - Earlier British Socket Bayonet 

British P1842 Socket Bayonet


Back (Of the blade) The usually flat top edge of a sword or bayonet.
Bar on band  Method of bayonet attachment whereby the bar on the rifle which engages
with the mortise slot of the bayonet is brazed on to the forward barrel band.
Bar on barrel Method of attachment whereby the bar on the rifle which engages
with the mortise slot of the bayonet is brazed directly on to the barrel.
Barrel bands Metal bands which attach the barrel to the stock on many early long-arms.
Chape The metal end-cap on a leather scabbard   [Picture]
Cross-guard (or Cross-piece) Metal plate which separates the hilt from the blade and acts as a stop for the hand.  [Picture]
False edge Unsharpened edge towards the tip of a blade opposite the true edge. 
A false edge decreases the thickness of the tip aiding penetration.  [Picture]
Frog A leather or fabric loop used to attach a sword or bayonet to a waist or
shoulder belt.  [Picture]
Frog Stud A metal stud or clip on the bayonet scabbard to which the frog is attached.
Fuller Groove cut longitudinally in to the blade to lighten it whilst retaining its structural integrity.  [Picture]
Locket The upper or middle metal collar on a leather scabbard. [Picture]
Locking bolt A sprung metal bolt which locks sword and knife bayonets to the bayonet bar.
Mortise slot Slot machined in the pommel of a knife or sword bayonet which engages with the bayonet bar on the rifle.  [Picture]
Muzzle ring Ring that fits over the end of the barrel to secure the bayonet to the gun. [Picture]
Pipe-back The rounded, tubular-sectioned back of the blade found on some early swords 
and bayonets.
Quillon Hook-like projection from the cross-guard to catch an opponent's blade.
Ricasso The flat, unsharpened portion of the blade directly ahead of the cross-guard
Tang The blunt back-projection of the blade onto which the grips and pommel are fixed [Picture]
Throat Metal reinforcing ring around the scabbard mouth. [Picture]