Photographs of some of the bayonets from my collection.

French sword bayonet for the M1866 "Chassepot" rifle. 


French M1874 for the "Gras" Rifle


French M1892 Mannlicher-Berthier bayonet - modified WWI


German M1898 "Butcher Blade" Mauser bayonet


German Knife bayonet for the K98 Rifle - WWII


Spanish 1941 Bolo-blade Mauser Bayonet


Portuguese M1885 Kropatchek Bayonet


Portuguese Mauser Bayonet c. 1937


British P1863 Whitworth Short Rifle Bayonet


British P1876 Martini-Henry Socket Bayonet


British P1888 Lee Metford Bayonet


British P1907 SMLE Bayonet.   WWI
One of the more common bayonets found in British antique shops. 


British No.4 MarkII Spike Bayonet.   WWII


Canadian Mark II Ross Rifle Bayonet.   Tip Modified WWI


Swiss Model 1918 Schmidt-Rubin Bayonet.