Below is a list of some of the publications which I have found useful over the years and from which I have borrowed material for the articles on this site.  It is by no means exhaustive and there are doubtless many excellent books which have simply passed me by. Before going on to the full list there are a few which should be highlighted as "must haves".

For an extremely well illustrated and readable guide to world bayonets, I would recommend  "The Bayonet - An Evolution and History" by Evans and Stephens. This is hard to get hold of and I have only recently managed too acquire a copy, but it is well worth searching out. The text is well written and informative and alongside the many illustrations of the bayonets are contemporary photographs showing the bayonets in their correct settings.  This gives a bit of life to the subject over the usual sterile "here is my collection" format. If you are only going to buy one book on the subject, buy this one.

The second offering is the incredibly detailed work "British & Commonwealth Bayonets" by Skennerton and Richardson - without doubt the prime reference sourcebook for the serious collector of bayonets from  Britain, Australia, Canada and other Commonwealth countries.

As a more general reference for world bayonets you cannot go far wrong with "Bayonets from Janzen's Notebook" by Jerry L Janzen. This is a less detailed work, but covers bayonets from all countries of the world and is illustrated with extremely well executed line drawings.

As a reference for gun/bayonet markings, a recent find has been the "Official Guide to Gunmarks" by Robert H Balderson. This has a particularly comprehensive list of codes often found on German WWII bayonet scabbards.

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Anon. - Bayonet Markings.  Private publication?  This is a very useful card-backed booklet. It has no author, publisher or any other identification. If anyone has any more info, please email me as I would like to credit the author.
Balderson, Robert H. - Official Guide to Gunmarks.  House of Collectibles. 1996 (2nd Edition)
ISBN 0-676-60039-5
Blackmore, Howard L. - British Military Firearms. 1961
Evans, R.D.C. & Stephens, Frederick J.  -  The Bayonet - An Evolution and History. 
Militaria Publications, Stratford.  1985.  (Softback)
Janzen, J.L. - Bayonets from Janzen's Notebook. Cedar Ridge Publications, 
1995 (Second Edition) ISBN 0-9619789-1-0
Roads, Dr. C.H.  - The British Soldier's Firearm (From Smoothbore to Smallbore 1850 - 1864). 1964
Rogers, Col. H.C.B.  - Weapons of the British Soldier.  1960
Skennerton, Ian D. & Richardson, Robert - British & Commonwealth Bayonets. 
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Stephens, Frederick J.  - The Collectors Pictorial Book of Bayonets.  Arms&Armour Press.  1971
Wilkinson, Frederick  - Swords & Daggers.  Ward Lock.  1967 
Wilkinson-Latham, John  - British Cut and Thrust Weapons.
1971  (Softback)   ISBN 0-7153 5351 9
Wilkinson-Latham, Robert  - Antique Guns in Colour  1250-1865.   Blandford Press 1977  ISBN 0-7137 0849 2
Wilkinson-Latham, Robert  - Phaidon Guide to Antique Weapons and Armour. 1981. ISBN 0-7148  2173 X